anatomy globally:
this is a significant complex dream symbol which doesn't feel pleasant, but doesn't bring anything bad, on the contrary
you are browsing through an anatomy book:
you have the ability to merit things. It is not easy to cheat on you. You can trust your skills
you are looking at a mockup skeleton:
the same as above but with a stronger meaning
you participate at a dissection :
don't hesitate to let go to solve the problem which is ahead of you
the dissection of your body:
you have got an unyielding personality and you are able to hold out ordeals
when you are young and revising for your school exams, repeatedly :
you are certainly trying to pass exams to college
if you are a young graduate:
try to get a Ph. D, a title, or to succeed in experimental work
for the elderly people:
don't worry if you do not have everything running yet
if anatomy appears repeatedly in dreams:
you should be very happy of your consistently good health